Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Subject This Semester "2"

Hello friends, what are you doing right now? I hope you can give your time to see my new entry for this week. It is about my subject for this semester “2”. I mean my opinion for my subject this semester.

The subject that I had taken for this semester is BEL, Macroeconomic, Mandarin, Finance, Statistic and CTU. I fell at the first class this subject is very hard, but my fell is totally wrong when I look for finance, Mandarin and CTU subject. But I must try harder for BEL, Macroeconomic and Statistic. It is because; I never achieve the target to get the best in the test for Macroeconomic and Statistic subject. I hope that I can do the better writing for BEL.

I think subject this Semester is easier than past semester. Oh. No, maybe is my fault because do not study very hard for the last semester then my pointer is go down. How to get dean list? Only study hard and smart?

One more chance for me is do the best for final exam. I must study hard and smart to get the better pointer rather than past semester. I want to get dean list for this semester. InsyaAllah. I will try!

All in all, I hope that I can get the good pointer for this semester, thanks to my entire lecturer. Good luck for your final exam!