Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Subject This Semester "2"

Hello friends, what are you doing right now? I hope you can give your time to see my new entry for this week. It is about my subject for this semester “2”. I mean my opinion for my subject this semester.

The subject that I had taken for this semester is BEL, Macroeconomic, Mandarin, Finance, Statistic and CTU. I fell at the first class this subject is very hard, but my fell is totally wrong when I look for finance, Mandarin and CTU subject. But I must try harder for BEL, Macroeconomic and Statistic. It is because; I never achieve the target to get the best in the test for Macroeconomic and Statistic subject. I hope that I can do the better writing for BEL.

I think subject this Semester is easier than past semester. Oh. No, maybe is my fault because do not study very hard for the last semester then my pointer is go down. How to get dean list? Only study hard and smart?

One more chance for me is do the best for final exam. I must study hard and smart to get the better pointer rather than past semester. I want to get dean list for this semester. InsyaAllah. I will try!

All in all, I hope that I can get the good pointer for this semester, thanks to my entire lecturer. Good luck for your final exam!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What I love Most in Hari Raya

Hi friends, we are met again at these entry. How are you today? I hope all of you doing fine and happy during Hari Raya celebration. How about your hari raya? I think all of you get many of “duit raya”. Really? This year I only got RM60. But it was finished, because I used it to shopping. What the most you like in Hari Raya?

What the most I like during hari raya celebration is when my friends come to my home. At the second of hari raya, my friends which are more than seven motorcycles come to my home. At the moment I felt very happy because we are meeting again after a years.

I am very busy t ready for food and drink. At the time, my best friend which her name is Intan was helped me t cooking. We were cooking tom yam food, ready for biscuit, soft drink and others.

They stay in my home only two hours because they want to go to another friend’s home. When they want to go, we together shake hand, request forgiveness and wish “Selamat Hari Raya”.

That’s all I want to share about you what are most I like during hari raya. I hope all of you enjoyed with your hari raya celebration. Asalamualaikum.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chilhood Memories of Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum and welcome to Ramadan. Do you have fasting today? I hope all of you can fill up this month with the benefit things like read the qoran, prays and other. When I talk about Ramadan, I immediately remembered my memories when I in child.

I am starting to fasting when I in 8 years old. My mother trains me to fasting and teaches me how it does. My mother said, when someone goes on a fast she or he must do not eating any food from before dawn until dusk. More over do not insert anything to the hole at the body. At the time, I not completely to understand what’s she means and how to follow the condition to fasting.

I still remembered when I fast at the first day of Ramadan; I fell so tired and thirsty. At that time I have younger sister. I am very jealous when my mothers give a drink to my younger sister. My mother does not give me to drink and force me to stay fasting until the dusk. My mother said, my younger sister still child about 1 years old and do not ready to fasting. So, what I can do at that moment?

I very excited when my father and I go to the bazaar Ramadan. I will request my father to buy variety of food and cold drink. Wow, so thirsty. When to break one's fasting there looks much food on the table. My father cynical, which he said" how you can finish all the food?” then I answered that "I will". Then my father laughs. He not believe that I can finish up the food.

Actually, many story about my memories when I in child at Ramadan, but I already forgot. I hope that my little story above can make you fun. See you at the next entry. Bye!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Favourite Band and Genres

Hello friend, how are you today? I hope all of you doing fine. I believe that every person have their own favorite. Today I will story about my favorite band and genres. So, do you want to know what is the interesting of my favorite? Let’s focus on the topic.

I am very fanatic with Hujan band. Do you know why? It is because this band brought the indie genres. Lets I story the little bit about this band. Actually group members from this band came from different country also different state. The vocalist of this band is Muhammad noh b. Salleh or Noh. He came from Miri, Sarawak. The guitarist for this band is AG and Dimas. Dimas came from Bandung; Indonesia. The rest of group member is Am as a drummer.

I like this band because their vocalist voice exactly differs from the other band. I also attracted with their styles especially the Noh's hair. The cloths of the band member that they show are suitable with the genres of the music. Moreover, the style looks so nice and smart. I have many collections of their songs, T-Shirt, CD and others.

Actually, the band members of this band come from the middle level of background. After this band involve in artist world, this group is successfully and become popular now because of their nice songs like Bila Aku Sudah Tiada, Dudaannya, Luka Mana, Miri,and others.

I like indie as my favorite genres because the way of the music can make me calm for the moment. When I in sadness, I will hear the Mp3 in indie songs because that can make me happy. Usually, I will hear Hujan Songs when I in bored even when I study. Not only Hujan songs, I also like any songs in indie genres like Grey Sky Morning, Maximus, Kotak, Alexa Band and others.

That’s all I want to share for this entry. See you soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Album

Album : The Soul is Doleful Without Hujan
Artist : Hujan @ Nohatika

1) Bagaikan Matahari.
This song seems show the nice friendship or couple. The forever friendship. The friend seems give something new in the life and make the friend always happy and smiles even in trouble.

2) Dugaannya.
The song show each part of life with their anticipation. For example the young boy become soldier because his father force him. He always patients even that part is matter for him.

3) Hampir.
For Hampir song view the beauty of friendship. I have a lot of memory with my friend. Each of my friend usually come and go through the time. I always waiting for my previous friends and never forget them.

4) Lepaskan Aku.
Lepaskan Aku song shows the life can be not ceasing without love. The person will be change the standpoint and never depend on other people. It also show the frustrated a person with other person. Memory is not always beauty !

5) Kuala Lumpur.
Kuala Lumpur song shows the place that have many employment opportunity or the place that to find any knowledge. You must careful at there because even the place is beautiful there's have many crime problems. However, Kuala Lumpur is the best destination.

6) Kotak Hati.
This song views the faithful and sadness of relationship. Each time we are always together for finish the moment with the happiness. It is because someone have sick and can't to live again. So, we promise to be together because we love the person.

7)Luka Mana.
This song explain where's injury are not sore. It also teach people to be good person in life and be confident in every things that they have do.

This song showed the hometown where's can't to be forgotten. If you become the successful person like superstar, or in other word as a richer, you must remember your origin and don't to be snob.

9) Mimpiku Hanya Mimpi
This song is very special that show the a hope for someone that he or she love. But it only a dream.

10) Neon
Neon song shows the changes of the behavior. This song seems give advice to people to be a good person. The hate of the person who's misbehave and tell the person to changes their attitude.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Facts About Me

Hi friends. How are you? I hope all of you doing fine. I have fever, flu and coughed, but I am not one of the H1N1 suspect.. so, don't worry for that. However, I have published for you for the next story which the title is "10 Facts About Me"

1. Anything that unique.
I like anything that unique, for example like decoration bead at "Baju kurung". That's view the unique technique to combined the variety of bead. From that can make various shape. Next I like to look milky way. It is very unique colour and very beautiful. The various colour seems to show the happiness of life.

2. Dislike to eat medicine.
I know that many people scared to eat medicine because of the bitter taste. I am not scared to eat but dislike to eat medicine. I want to try that fever can be medicate without eat any medicine. I will swallow medicine when my mother force me to do it.

3. Indie Band.
I very like indie band because of the music. I very fanatic with Hujan band. Their band bought the indie music. The music seems can give calmness and can make cleanliness. Moreover, the different voice from their vocalist make me obsession to their band.

4. The choice of shoe.
I am very choosy to choose the shoe. I like simple shoe but look beautiful and matching with my skin colour. Mostly my shoes or sandal in black, white and brown colour.

5. Friend.
I like someone is simple. Also can share any problems together. Moreover, I like someone love to make a joke. It Can build cheer. But I am not too choosy to choose friend. Anyone want to be my friend, just joint me! I will make you happy.Insyaalah..

6. The guy that I admire.
I very like the guy wear fit T- shirt and trouser.It look very smart. Furthermore, he make his hair like the style vocalist Hujan band's hair. I like he shows his truth behavior and can give advice to me also can make me laugh and smile even in sadness. Moreover not shy to meet my family especially my parent. The most important I like the guy thin and he can matching his cloths with his body.

7. Type of cloths.
I don't like to wear trouser. Now, I only have a slack trouser and a few tracksuit for sport. I felt not comfortable when I wear a trouser. Usually I wear a long skirt or baju kurung to go to the class, everywhere even in my room. But I want to try wear trouser.

8. Mood.
My mood easy to changes. Sometimes I like to make a joke, and sometime it will changes. For example to be bad mood. I will be so silent and unable to smile and it take a few hour to be calm.

9. Cooking.
Actually I like to cooking. At home I will cooking for my family launch and dinner. I can make Asam Pedas, Kari, Nasi Goreng Kampung and other.

10. Simple person.
I am very simple person. Before this I never to use any product for my skin like Clean and clear product or other. I am so worry because when my age move, my skin have acne and I dint know to use which product and never know.Then, my friend give suggestion and technique to use it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Classmate

Hello everybody, did you know about the increasing rate of H1N1 problems? Every day the rates for this problems increases. UiTM Segamat gives a mask to their student as a way to prevent it from spreading. However, every week I will publish for you for my new story. Story for this week is about my classmate. I have 25 peoples in my class which 8 boys and 14 girls. Lets me show my classmate one by one.

My first classmate is Next is Hafiz Malik. He is limb of the Irama Society. Actually he has a great voice. He ever participates with his (Gema’s) group which is the popular group in UiTM Segamat.

He likes to wear fit-T-Shirt and he is Damiri. Damiri is a funny and cheerful person. He looks able to mix together with girls and boys.

Next is Mohd Afiq. He is shy and silent person. He has a white skin. He is khasfi’s best friend. Every where he go, he together with khasfi and other friends.

He got Dean List every semester. He is Zaki, the intelligent one. Even he looks so silent, he have something that he not showed. He gets the highest mark in every quizzes or test. He also from Kuala Lumpur similar with Khasfi.

Next is Mohd Khasfi. He as a monitor for my class. He is come from Kuala Lumpur. He usually looks smart with their style. He is thin, tall and has a white skin that applicable to become a model. He is cooperate person.

Rozaini or Evra usually wear baju Melayu in pink color when QMT (Statistic) class. Cik Arfah as a lecturer of QMT subject always laughter for him. He also new friend for D3D2 class. He not shies to ask any question that he not understand. As a reward he gets full marks for the first quiz for QMT.

He wears a spectacle. He is Hafiz or Franky. He is shy person. He is so clever even he so silent every time.

As commanders in UiTM Segamat. Did you know who is he? He is syukri. I have little story about him because he is new friend for D3D2 class. But, what can I see from him, he is like to smile. He easier gives her smile to everybody. I think it is good way to add new friends.

Dear friends, now I will story about my girl’s classmate. The first picture is me. The beside me is Nur Leen. She is my friend. Sometimes lecture give assignment I will group or discuss with her. She always shares her knowledge with other person. She usually gives more explanation when we are study together. She gives me many new things in learning and life. I wish to say thanks for her.

She like to wear ‘baju kurung’ each day to go to the class. She is Anis. She is polite and shy person. She is so beautiful. She is my first friend that I recognize when ‘Minggu Mesra Siswa’ in Part 1.

Next is Siti Nadiah. She has 8 siblings. She is cheerful person. Anyone have taking with her will be fun and laughter. She loves to make joke. From that she will get many friends.

Nisa is a so silent person. She is cross-bred with American person. Her fathers are come from America. She is clever even she is untalkative person. She is to shy and hard to hear her voice. She have a white skin, I am very jealous for it.

Farah is a clever person. She get dean list for every semester. I am felt very wonder with her. She is Nisa’s best friend. She always goes to the class together with Nisa. She always gives her cooperation in her group for any discussion or do assignment. That is a good habit that we can to follow.

Next is Siti Sarizah. She is beautiful person. She is the best friend of Lana, Sina and Alin. Actually she is Javanese person similar with me.

She is very cute and friendly. Do you know I tell about who’s personality? She is Hasina or Sina. Everybody easier to friend with her. She is cheerful person. She never mined to friend with anyone because she is not choosy to select her friends. I am happy with her.

Beside Sina is Surriyah. She also clever person and ever get dean list. She likes very kind and untalkative person.

Next is Nurul Faina. She love to dressy. She also one of the dean list. Even she so silent in class, she is very intelligent. Usually, I together with her, Leen and Ila for launch or everything that we do like assignment. She comes from Kuala Kubu Baru. Her father is policeman. She like purple colour as a favorite. I have seen in her bed room that many word in wall to make her more spirit to become the successful person. For example “fight for 3.6 above”.

Beside Faina is Lyana. She is very cheerful person. She come from Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. I am happy can friend with her. She not snob person. That true..

Next is Hasrita. She also ever get dean list. She come from Selangor. She is very cheerful person similar with Nadia. She’s room at Intan. She like wear Jeans to go to the class. Actually she have twin at UiTM Kelantan. Her twin’s name is Hasrina. She take same course at there which is Banking course.

Nur Hidayah come from Rengit, Batu Pahat which same area with me. She is friendly and love to make joke. She is the oldest in her siblings. She is not shy to ask any question that she not understand in class.

Liyan Nazri is assistance monitor for D3D2. She is good in her speaking and academic. She usually goes to the class wear the simple cloth. She always give interesting answer when lecturer ask her.

Nurfadzilah is a polite girl. She easier to praise someone. She is thin and tall. She like to dressy similar with Faina. Actually she always together with Faina. Her personality and behavior seems Faina. She like touching songs like Ax’ls singer in their song ‘Akulah Kekasihmu’.

Next is Nor Hasimah. She is so silent person. She is cooperate when do any assignment. I have ever group with her for CTU assignment for two past semester.

For the last classmate that i will story for you is about Amirah Syafiqah. She like to laugh with her friend. Actually she is funny person. I am happy when together with her. Today's, she do a business which sold accessories for girl. If you want, just contact her number.

In a nutshell, My classmate is very friendly for this semester. I hope we are together will get dean list.see you again for the next entry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Subject This Semester

Hi, friends! I am here for today's entry. How are you? I hope all of you are doing fine and be happy always. Today, I would like to share something new with you. It is about my lecturers for this semester.

My Mandarin Language lecturer is Sir Lim or Lim laoshi in Mandarin names. He is cheerful person. He also very careful to teach student in Mandarin. He always repeating something that have been learned for example, number 1 until 99 in order to make his student more understand and recall. He teach step by step and make me easier to follow.Moreover, Lim laoshi teach like in kindergarten, so happy and fun.Lets learn together number 1 until 10 in the Mandarin language..Yi, er, San, she, Wu, lieu, qi, pa, jiu, shi..goods!

Next, let's talk about my other lecturer. My financial lecturer is En. Syamsyul.He is a smart person. Somehow, he dislike his students to take notes whenever he teach or do explanation. He like his student take attention for their explanation. From this way make me more understanding in subject financial even he is strict sometimes he always happy in class.

Oops.. my statistic lecturer is Cik Arfah. She is 23 years old. She is new lecturer in UiTM Segamat. She is cheerful and her behavior stay like teenager. So me and friend able to mix with her. I very scared for this subject because many calculation, but I will do the best.

My Economic lecturer is PM.Abdullah or PM Dollah. He is a funny person. PM Dollah always give an interesting explanation on the topic that he is discuss with his students. He seems attempt strongly to make his students understanding especially in computation.Hopefully I will get 'A' for this subject. Amin..

Next, my subject CTU lecturer is PM Kamaruzzaman. He is very good person. In his lecture, he always remind his students about their behaviour and this shown that he cares about his students. Moreover, he like to make fun while teaching in order to attract his student on his lectures. Mostly, in his explanation, he will relate with the global issues. So, my friends and I are happy in his class. He also want his student to be able to speech and thinking properly.

Lastly, my story is about my BEL lecturer. His name is Sir Izuan. Sir Izuan said that he is strict.But I believe that he is a kind person. Sir always hold his words 'Perfect'. He always remind his student to do anything in perfect like writing, speaking and others. Moreover, Sir Izuan will sit beside his student and mark the paper and telling the students mistakes. I think this is the best way to make his student good in writing. I hope my BEL's gred for this semester can be improve and can make Sir Izuan smiles.

That all for today.See you again..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Being A Senior

Assalamualaikum, Hi there!. How are you? I hope you are doing fine. I know that all of you happy this week because of UiTM closed for H1N1 problems. Really? me too. But in other side will affect on mid-semester holiday which Hari Raya holiday become shorter. What do you want to do for this week? I think you are in free.Let's read my story.I have added new story for this week. It is about "Being A Senior".

What do you fell when you being a senior? I think you will so proud. I am so happy when I was in Part 2 and 3. I as a senior, and I have a junior. So, Juniors student must be respect to the Seniors student. Like olden, when I in Part 1, I always respect my senior. As a senior, I must shows the good behavior to Juniors.

Next, I have bad experience when I in Part 1. The situation that occurred when my senior create a party of Hari Raya celebration and the themes of the party is "Back To 70s" . My senior force me and my friend to dance. Then me and my friend don't know how to do. Actually, we don't like this party. The senior angry me and my friend until my friend crying. So, what I want to conclude that when I being a senior I don't want to bully my junior.

Lastly, I think when I being a senior would be more relax. It is because when I in Part 1 many activity focused on Part 1 only.Moreover the program must be attend. So, I can't to manage my time properly. Most of every night I had busy with any program and difficult to do homework and study . I felt very stress and bored.

That's all I want to share with you for this week. See you again in the next entry.Bye!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My roommate

Hi, friends. We meet again. How are you? I am well here. Today, I have something new to share with you about my roommate. Do you have a roommate? I hope you can share about your roommate too. Now, let’s focus on my topic about my roommate. My roommate’s name is Noorzihan Bte Zakaria. She is 19 years old this year. Her date of birth is on 30th May 1990 and she is Gemini. Many people said that Geminies are thrifty person, caring and unable to control their mood.

Dear readers, my roommate came from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. I think is too far from Segamat. But, she has a strong spirit to continue her education to become a successful person. Actually, she is a Banking Student like me but she is in part 2. I have asked her opinion about this course. In her opinion, she said banking is the best course and she really like it. I hope she and I can be successful in the future.

Do you like ‘Budu’? Oh no..I don’t like it because I come from Johor and never tasted ‘Budu’ before.My roommate likes to eat ‘Budu’ . She said the taste of ‘Budu’ is not bad, so I will try when I have a chance. Moreover, she likes to eat Chicken Rice and Carrot Juice as her favourite food and juice. Next, she has seven siblings and she is the second one.Her father is working as a gardener while her mother works as a housewife. Next, she likes to read. Every time I saw her in the room, she will be studying. Her ambition is similar like mine which is to be a banker. We planned to be a banker in the future.

Next, her favourite colour is pink. All of her things like hand bags, shoes, dresses are all in pink. Pink seems to show her personality. Actually, she is a shy and a silent person. At the end, I asked her comment about me, then she commented that I am a friendly, love to create jokes and a sister. Really? I did not notice all that. It is up to people out there on how they judge me.

I hope you enjoyed my story on my roommate. See you again in the next entry. May Allah bless you!

Monday, July 6, 2009

About Myself

Hi, welcome to my blog.I hope all of you are doing fine and happy. Here I will tell you about myself. My name is Suatika Bte Samat. Many people say that my name is weird because they have not heard before. But, I don't care about this statement. I was born on 6th November 1990 at Batu Pahat Hospital. So, I think you know my zodiac. My zodiac is Scorpio. I read some magazine that Scorpio's are friendly and at the same time easily get angry. Moreover, Scorpio's are unable to budget their money properly.

My dear readers, next I would like to tell you about my favourite food. Actually, I like eating many types of food, but most favourite is "Me Bandung" and Ice Milo. Do you like to watch movie? I also like it. Mostly, I like Indonesian Movies because these movies have many interesting elements. For example, Indonesian movies apply the element of sadness, pity and others. Next is about my favourite singer. My favourite singer is Hujan band. I like this band because the bought the indie songs. Moreover, their voice exactly differ with other singer and most importantly, their vocalist's hair looks smart. That's why I like Hujan band. I also have many collection of their songs.

I am now studying at UiTM Johor as a Banking Student in Part 3. In my opinion banking is the best course. It's my first choice when I registered for UiTM. Somehow, my mother also like Banking Industry and she encourages me to be bankers. I am so lucky because UiTM gave me college. My college's name is Zamrud. It was second semester for me in Zamrud. I think their facilities are comfortable for me. They also provided a gym for student to exercise every evening.

Now, I will share with you about my family. My father's name is Katiran B. Sarip. He is working as a farmer. He is my step father after my late father. I fell so lucky because even he is my step father, he always caring about me. My mother's name is Jamilah Bte Kiran. I have three siblings and I am the eldest one. I have one sister and one brother which name is Suzana Amira and Mohd Sahrul Ammin.

That's all about myself, but there a lot of story I want to share with you in the next entry. See you soon!