Sunday, July 26, 2009

Being A Senior

Assalamualaikum, Hi there!. How are you? I hope you are doing fine. I know that all of you happy this week because of UiTM closed for H1N1 problems. Really? me too. But in other side will affect on mid-semester holiday which Hari Raya holiday become shorter. What do you want to do for this week? I think you are in free.Let's read my story.I have added new story for this week. It is about "Being A Senior".

What do you fell when you being a senior? I think you will so proud. I am so happy when I was in Part 2 and 3. I as a senior, and I have a junior. So, Juniors student must be respect to the Seniors student. Like olden, when I in Part 1, I always respect my senior. As a senior, I must shows the good behavior to Juniors.

Next, I have bad experience when I in Part 1. The situation that occurred when my senior create a party of Hari Raya celebration and the themes of the party is "Back To 70s" . My senior force me and my friend to dance. Then me and my friend don't know how to do. Actually, we don't like this party. The senior angry me and my friend until my friend crying. So, what I want to conclude that when I being a senior I don't want to bully my junior.

Lastly, I think when I being a senior would be more relax. It is because when I in Part 1 many activity focused on Part 1 only.Moreover the program must be attend. So, I can't to manage my time properly. Most of every night I had busy with any program and difficult to do homework and study . I felt very stress and bored.

That's all I want to share with you for this week. See you again in the next entry.Bye!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My roommate

Hi, friends. We meet again. How are you? I am well here. Today, I have something new to share with you about my roommate. Do you have a roommate? I hope you can share about your roommate too. Now, let’s focus on my topic about my roommate. My roommate’s name is Noorzihan Bte Zakaria. She is 19 years old this year. Her date of birth is on 30th May 1990 and she is Gemini. Many people said that Geminies are thrifty person, caring and unable to control their mood.

Dear readers, my roommate came from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. I think is too far from Segamat. But, she has a strong spirit to continue her education to become a successful person. Actually, she is a Banking Student like me but she is in part 2. I have asked her opinion about this course. In her opinion, she said banking is the best course and she really like it. I hope she and I can be successful in the future.

Do you like ‘Budu’? Oh no..I don’t like it because I come from Johor and never tasted ‘Budu’ before.My roommate likes to eat ‘Budu’ . She said the taste of ‘Budu’ is not bad, so I will try when I have a chance. Moreover, she likes to eat Chicken Rice and Carrot Juice as her favourite food and juice. Next, she has seven siblings and she is the second one.Her father is working as a gardener while her mother works as a housewife. Next, she likes to read. Every time I saw her in the room, she will be studying. Her ambition is similar like mine which is to be a banker. We planned to be a banker in the future.

Next, her favourite colour is pink. All of her things like hand bags, shoes, dresses are all in pink. Pink seems to show her personality. Actually, she is a shy and a silent person. At the end, I asked her comment about me, then she commented that I am a friendly, love to create jokes and a sister. Really? I did not notice all that. It is up to people out there on how they judge me.

I hope you enjoyed my story on my roommate. See you again in the next entry. May Allah bless you!

Monday, July 6, 2009

About Myself

Hi, welcome to my blog.I hope all of you are doing fine and happy. Here I will tell you about myself. My name is Suatika Bte Samat. Many people say that my name is weird because they have not heard before. But, I don't care about this statement. I was born on 6th November 1990 at Batu Pahat Hospital. So, I think you know my zodiac. My zodiac is Scorpio. I read some magazine that Scorpio's are friendly and at the same time easily get angry. Moreover, Scorpio's are unable to budget their money properly.

My dear readers, next I would like to tell you about my favourite food. Actually, I like eating many types of food, but most favourite is "Me Bandung" and Ice Milo. Do you like to watch movie? I also like it. Mostly, I like Indonesian Movies because these movies have many interesting elements. For example, Indonesian movies apply the element of sadness, pity and others. Next is about my favourite singer. My favourite singer is Hujan band. I like this band because the bought the indie songs. Moreover, their voice exactly differ with other singer and most importantly, their vocalist's hair looks smart. That's why I like Hujan band. I also have many collection of their songs.

I am now studying at UiTM Johor as a Banking Student in Part 3. In my opinion banking is the best course. It's my first choice when I registered for UiTM. Somehow, my mother also like Banking Industry and she encourages me to be bankers. I am so lucky because UiTM gave me college. My college's name is Zamrud. It was second semester for me in Zamrud. I think their facilities are comfortable for me. They also provided a gym for student to exercise every evening.

Now, I will share with you about my family. My father's name is Katiran B. Sarip. He is working as a farmer. He is my step father after my late father. I fell so lucky because even he is my step father, he always caring about me. My mother's name is Jamilah Bte Kiran. I have three siblings and I am the eldest one. I have one sister and one brother which name is Suzana Amira and Mohd Sahrul Ammin.

That's all about myself, but there a lot of story I want to share with you in the next entry. See you soon!