Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Album

Album : The Soul is Doleful Without Hujan
Artist : Hujan @ Nohatika

1) Bagaikan Matahari.
This song seems show the nice friendship or couple. The forever friendship. The friend seems give something new in the life and make the friend always happy and smiles even in trouble.

2) Dugaannya.
The song show each part of life with their anticipation. For example the young boy become soldier because his father force him. He always patients even that part is matter for him.

3) Hampir.
For Hampir song view the beauty of friendship. I have a lot of memory with my friend. Each of my friend usually come and go through the time. I always waiting for my previous friends and never forget them.

4) Lepaskan Aku.
Lepaskan Aku song shows the life can be not ceasing without love. The person will be change the standpoint and never depend on other people. It also show the frustrated a person with other person. Memory is not always beauty !

5) Kuala Lumpur.
Kuala Lumpur song shows the place that have many employment opportunity or the place that to find any knowledge. You must careful at there because even the place is beautiful there's have many crime problems. However, Kuala Lumpur is the best destination.

6) Kotak Hati.
This song views the faithful and sadness of relationship. Each time we are always together for finish the moment with the happiness. It is because someone have sick and can't to live again. So, we promise to be together because we love the person.

7)Luka Mana.
This song explain where's injury are not sore. It also teach people to be good person in life and be confident in every things that they have do.

This song showed the hometown where's can't to be forgotten. If you become the successful person like superstar, or in other word as a richer, you must remember your origin and don't to be snob.

9) Mimpiku Hanya Mimpi
This song is very special that show the a hope for someone that he or she love. But it only a dream.

10) Neon
Neon song shows the changes of the behavior. This song seems give advice to people to be a good person. The hate of the person who's misbehave and tell the person to changes their attitude.

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