Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chilhood Memories of Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum and welcome to Ramadan. Do you have fasting today? I hope all of you can fill up this month with the benefit things like read the qoran, prays and other. When I talk about Ramadan, I immediately remembered my memories when I in child.

I am starting to fasting when I in 8 years old. My mother trains me to fasting and teaches me how it does. My mother said, when someone goes on a fast she or he must do not eating any food from before dawn until dusk. More over do not insert anything to the hole at the body. At the time, I not completely to understand what’s she means and how to follow the condition to fasting.

I still remembered when I fast at the first day of Ramadan; I fell so tired and thirsty. At that time I have younger sister. I am very jealous when my mothers give a drink to my younger sister. My mother does not give me to drink and force me to stay fasting until the dusk. My mother said, my younger sister still child about 1 years old and do not ready to fasting. So, what I can do at that moment?

I very excited when my father and I go to the bazaar Ramadan. I will request my father to buy variety of food and cold drink. Wow, so thirsty. When to break one's fasting there looks much food on the table. My father cynical, which he said" how you can finish all the food?” then I answered that "I will". Then my father laughs. He not believe that I can finish up the food.

Actually, many story about my memories when I in child at Ramadan, but I already forgot. I hope that my little story above can make you fun. See you at the next entry. Bye!

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